Friday, January 24, 2014

Food Intolerance - Is There Water in Your Gas Tank?

The consequence of having water in the gas tank of your car can range from poor engine performance to engine failure. Poor engine performance is the usual complaint when water is suspected. Your engine will not run efficiently, which will cause it to use more fuel, and potentially even lose power. If you live in a very cold climate, and the temperature drops low enough, your gas lines may freeze, causing your engine to die and stop running. Others things that can go wrong with water in the gas tank include ruining an electric fuel pump, clogging up the lines, and rusting the interior of the tank over time. Water can also corrode other parts of a car's engine, particularly the pistons and combustion chamber. Even if the owner doesn’t believe water in the gas tank will affect it, the car will still stop running. Consequently, it is important to remove water from a car's tank as quickly as possible.
The fix?
It is important to remove the water if possible and then prevent additional water from getting into the gas tank. After you have removed the water and a few tanks of gas have gone through the system, you should be good to go.
This is the same concept as when someone eats a food their body is unable to process correctly. We’ve all heard about food allergies in which the reaction can be mild, such as a rash, to life threatening. However, there is also something called food intolerance. Food intolerance to certain foods can show up anywhere in the body. This means that food intolerance can manifest in the most superficial layers, such as in the skin, and it can even show up in the deepest layers of the body, like within the joints.

Did you know symptoms of food intolerance can include:
      acne                         eczema                    skin rashes                   nasal congestion

sneezing                   cough                       asthma                          bloating

cramping                  diarrhea                    constipation                  mouth ulcers

poor memory            brain fog                   headache                      anxiety

depression               insomnia                   arthritis                          reoccurring ear infections

The effect that food has in the body is not confined to the physical body. Food can also affect the mental and emotional aspects of our body. When we remove the offending food, suddenly our skin clears up, our outlook and energy improve, and we no longer have nagging aches and pains.
Intolerance can develop after the body has an immune response to a food, arises from a deficiency in digestive enzymes, or if we don’t have the right digestive enzymes.
Food intolerance can cause complications in our bodies similar to the problems caused by putting water in your gas tank.

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